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EduSummit is a special section of the conference focused on teaching programming at primary and secondary schools. After two years of having an EduTrack at PyCon SK, consisting of a single day of talks for teachers, we are now organising a two day summit during which teachers will be introduced to innovative ways and methods of teaching programming, share their knowledge of useful tools and last but not least participate in numerous workshops given by experienced educators.

Profesor Juraj Hromkovič, DrSc.

Juraj Hromkovič

professor at ETH Zürich

Professor Juraj Hromkovič is a university lecturer from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich. He has authored many books and scientific publications dealing particularly with algorithmics, probabilistic algorithms and didactics of informatics. He focuses on education of informatics teachers and implementing of informatics to elementary schools. In 2017, he was awarded a 1st class Pribina Cross state order by President of Slovak republic Andrej Kiska.

Luke Spademan

CS student and Python enthusiast

Luke is 17 and is studying computer science, maths, further maths and physics in Year 12 (English Secondary school / Sixthform). He loves to program in Python and thinks that the micro:bit is a great eductional tool and should be more widely used. He has given previous talks at Pycon UK and is looking forward to speaking at Pycon SK 2019.

Controling a robotic arm with micro:bits. How to make computer science education more interesting.

Captivating a group of children for a sustained period of time is notoriously hard. I will be exporing with you how the micro:bit can be used to engage a young audience with interactive demos and programming activities.

Children love to physically interact with hardware. That is what is great about the micro:bit. It not only has built in LEDs and buttons but can also control bigger more exciting electronics like robotic arms. This allows for setup that gives students of all ability levels a challenge. Students that are beginners to programming can be given a more complete program or walk throught a worksheet that takes them through the process of controling the device (in this case a robotic arm) step by step. Students that have higher programming skills can be given a more bare bones / boilerplate source file and can write code to control the arm with less guidance.

Why Attend?

Great speakers, workshops and hardware showcase

Speak at EduSummit

Call for Proposals is open. If you are a teacher or educator submit your talk or workshop and co-create the conference here.

Young Coders' day

On saturday, we will host a Young Coders' day, consisting of programming workshops for children.

Hardware Projects Showcase

If you have created an interesting hardware project which uses Python and would like to share it to the world then bring it to PyCon SK 2019.

EduSummit workshops

On saturday we will hold numerous educational workshops.

The Call for Proposals is still open, more info here

We will update the workshop list after the Call for Proposals is closed. More information about the schedule can be found here


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