Job fair

An opportunity for employers to look for candidates in tech conference packed with geeks and programmers in general and also for more or less experienced job seekers to meet with multiple tech companies in one place.


PyCon SK will be the capital of Python for three days, it will become a place with the highest density of Python programmers per square meter. Besides Slovak professionals, there will be programmers from Hungary or Austria as there is no local PyCon, but also from Czechia, Poland, Germany etc. You can seek for fresh graduates, but also for seasoned programmers who are looking for a change in their careers. Present your company and show what it is like to work with you.


Looking for your first real job as a programmer? PyCon SK is a great place with many companies eager to hire a Pythonista. Visit our Job fair or drop in the sponsors booths and talk with your potential future employer. Get an idea of how the interview with recruiter looks like. Find the company that suits you and can use your skills best.


If you feel an urge to change your career after years of routine work, PyCon SK is the best place for you. Visit our job fair and talk with companies that will appreciate your experience. Even if you do not look for a new job, you might get an overview of what options you have.